The Tech Diaspora Acceleration so far 1-2021

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Remote work has hit the mainstream and people are revaluating how and where they spend the time in their lives. This has changed the geography of the tech work forever. Learn more below.

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So a follow on effect of the dramatic uptick in acceptance of remote work and people revaluating where and how they spend the time in their lives

And as a result people in and interested in participating in the technology industry are reshuffling around the world. Cities would do well to take advantage and some are

And now is the time.

It seems as if San Francisco, Silicon Valley (the actual place), and the state of California at large are asleep at the wheel.

Its a brand new world as @balajis so eloquently put it “the global competition for tech talent has begun“

The mayor of Miami is taking advantage

As an OG remote advocate since 2013 running and now

I shed tears at times about how far things have come… back in the day to quote the great Dj Khaled

Was how I would describe how the industry’s feelings towards remote work in general.

Years ago after a stint doing a 90 minute each way commute to Linkedin’s Sunnyvale office (which shows you how good that gig was for me o.o)

I vowed never again…

Nowadays though, we’ve got some of the heaviest hitters in the industry not only understanding, but into remote work.

And also the diaspora from the SF bay area

Not gonna lie I get emotional about all this at times fr fr… I’ve been hoping for this moment FOR YEARS!

But I don’t think SF or Silicon Valley are dead nor do I wish death on them.

Only healthy competition

And boy are they getting competition.

but our movement is not without its doubters

to which I counter

So lets see! May the best scenes win!

So all this discussion leads to a natural follow up question …

What other areas in the US are the most poised to heavily take advantage you ask?

Many are (politics aside)

but the ones I personally know the best are




In Austin you would be hard pressed to find a better place to start learning about Austin and the Texas startup scene than with Joshua Baer and Capital Factory

Lets do this!

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